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Smart Parking Radar/Magnetic node

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The new Smart Parking node improves detection and stability performance thanks to a radar sensor which allows precise detection (99%) of vehicles parked over the device. When the device notices a change in the parking lot status, it sends the data to the cloud through the LoRaWAN network.

Radar technology offers improved performance compared to devices equipped with magnetic or infrared detection. Moreover, radar parking devices are not vulnerable to magnetic interference nor do they give false positives for vehicles parked near or in double rows. Their performance is more consistent in any condition of luminosity, more stable in case of long stay parking and they are not affected by the proximity of traffic movements such as passing a bus or heavy trucks. Additionally, the maintenance of radar parking sensors is much easier as they are not affected by dirt, dust, rain or oil spills.

The nodes provisioning has been enormously improved, now delivered with default time settings and also unique LoRaWAN identifiers and keys. This allows the registration of all nodes in the LoRaWAN network server at any one time.

The new smart parking platform also provides over-the-air setup to remotely configure parameters such as sleep time, keep-alive time, night-mode, etc. via the “remote configuration form”. So it is possible to directly install the nodes with factory default settings and then update them from the cloud. This feature reduces installation times.

# AU 915-928
# End Device
# EU 863-870
# IN 865-870
# US 902-928


All technical information is available in Libelium´s website:


Technical details


  • 99% accuracy
  • IP 68 grade protection
  • Double sensor detection: Radar (main) + magnetic
  • LoRa WAN connectivity: EU, USA, APAC, LATAM, AU, IN
  • No need of precalibration time: node already calibrated
  • CE and FCC certified
  • Expected battery lifetime:4-10 years depending on settings
  • Open source and interoperable: compatible with any cloud platform
  • Three ways of installation: on surface; buried; semi-buried
  • Anti vandalisim screws and key for on surface installation
  • Instant provisioning (LoRawan keys and EUIs already in the devices)
  • Remote Configuration Form
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