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The Lobaro LoRaWAN GPS Tracker is ideal for determining the position of vehicles (trucks, cars), containers, construction site material or your own product.

The flexible firmware and the sensors integrated in addition to GPS (temperature, vibration) cover a wide variety of scenarios. Any combination of timer, position / vibration and temperature can be used to query the data.
The waterproof housing and the energy-saving architecture (<25uA standby power) allow maintenance-free running times of up to several years, even outdoors. Lateral fastening straps allow stable mounting of the GPS tracker. If required, additional external energy sources can be connected.

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The sensor can easily be connected to The Things Network via OTAA and our easy to use USB-serial based Maintanance tool:
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*Lobaro LoRaWAN GPS Tracker*
Power Supply
Battery 2x AA (1.5V), “off the shelf”
Battery Lifetime
Depends on configuration (months to many years), 30.000+ LoRaWAN Messages @SF11
GPS, Movement/3D accelerometer, Temperature (±0.5°C Accuracy), Battery Voltage & Status
GPS Trigger
Time based (CRON), Movement activated
Free Lobaro Maintenance Tool (Win,Linux, Mac) via USB
Internal 868 MHz PCB Antenna
waterproof Housing 114,30mm (W) x 59,30mm (L) x 26,80mm (H) (ABS, IP67)
CE, Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

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