Lobaro LoRaWAN to wireless MBUS Bridge

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The Lobaro wireless MBUS (wMBUS) to LoRaWAN Bridge is a cost-effective and energy-saving device that transparently receives complete wireless M-Bus telegrams (FSK radio modulation) from utility meters and forwards them via LoRaWAN networks (LoRa radio modulation) to the Internet.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Indoor
# Industrial IoT
# Smart Metering


The sensor can easily be connected to The Things Network via OTAA and our easy to use USB-serial based Maintanance tool:
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Wireless M-Bus over LoRaWAN
Repeater / Bridge / Adapter
Wireless Technology
LoRaWAN 1.0.2 Funkprotokoll
wMBUS S1-Mode & C1/T1-Mode (868 MHz)
Power Supply
a) 2x AA batteries (1.5V)
Compatible / Tested Meters
Erfolgreicher Betrieb gestestet mit:
– Diehl Sharky 774 / 775 (Heat)
– Diehl Hydrus (Water)
– Weptech Munia (Temperature, Humidity)
– Qundis Q caloric (Heat)
– Sontex 868 (Heat)
…and many more wMBUS meters (S1,C1,T1-Mode)
Data collection Timing
Controlled with „CRON-Job“ Configuration
Internal 868 MHz PCB antenna
Waterproof Housing
114,30mm (w) x 59,30mm (l) x 26,80mm (h)
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