The LoRa node for General Purpose Power Measurement and Control!

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The LoRa GPPMC is a dedicated LoRa node designed for industrial applications; hereby, one can think among others of the monitoring of (water)pumps, power supply systems, sewage, power units, lightning and so on.

For example, the LoRa GPPMC node is especially suitable for executing status monitoring from a distance; e.g. such as ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’. Furthermore, the LoRa GPPMC node sends also immediately a message when the power supply fails or is temporary disconnected.

Since the LoRa GPPMC node is equipped with 8 digital I/O’s and has the possibility to expand the number of I/O’s if desired, end-users have endless possibilities to connect additional sensors and/or meters with the LoRa GPPMC node.
This functionalitiy enables users to monitor various parameters and to retrieve data, which was not possible before. By means of this, users have more insights into their processes, which enables to optimize and restructure (industrial) processes.

Since the LoRa GPPMC is placed into a DIN-rail enclosure, the LoRa GPPMC can be easily placed into already existing cabines or other objects, without the necessity of having to make extensive adaptations.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Industrial IoT
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Smart Metering
# US 902-928


We have an extensive brochure with alle specifications available at: www.loratec.nl/gppmc

Technical details

  • LoRaWAN: 868 MHz (863 - 870 MHz);
  • DIN-Rail housing;
  • Size: 90 x 53 x 58 mm;
  • Standard 8 digital I/O's;
  • I/O's expandable up and until 56 I/O's;
  • Galvanic separated I/O's;
  • GPS: < 2,5m CEP @ -130 dBm;
  • Power Supply: 5 Vdc - 26 Vdc;
  • Back-up supply available: for providing 'Mayday' messages;
  • Serial Communication: RS485;
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