LoRa Modbus-Bridge

Integration of systems and devices with Modbus via LoRaWAN technology

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Integration to LoRaWAN of various systems, sensors and actors via Modbus RTU

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Indoor
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Outdoor
# US 902-928


The LoRa-Modbus Bridge is able to read and write Modbus registers via LoRaWAN. This compact device allows transmitting data from different devices and systems wirelessly to any cloud solution for further processing in a simple manner.

On the other hand, the LoRa Modbus Bridge allows interventions in various processes from the cloud software. With minimum effort of integrators, the world of the Internet of Things is extended to any existing system, sensor or actor.

+ Compact design, IP65
+ Direct integration of LoRaWAN technology, Class C
+ Powerful aerial integrated
+ Coupling to Modbus RTU RS-485 via screw terminals
+ Supports the key Modbus function codes
+ Power supply via 10…30 VDC
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