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Building on the key characteristics of LoRa, Teneo IoT has developed a module that makes it possible to connect sensors through LoRa with another network or the internet.

Because standardized sensor protocols are already integrated in Lorainna and the hardware is fully prepared in advance, sensors can be easily integrated without the necessity of a complex and comprehensive R&D-path. Because of this, Teneo Nano can quickly be made appropriate for any possible application.

As such, Lorainna is standard equipped with LoRa, microprocessor, GPS, accelerometer, battery and antenna. Additionally, client-specific sensors can be integrated which enables clients to possess a tailored solution!

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8 cm3 – 50 cm3
868 MHz (863 MHz – 870 MHz)
Low Power
+14 dBm (25 mW)
1,8 – 3,6 Vdc
Battery life
Up to 10 years
Wireless charging
To be integrated sensors
RS 485
ISO/IEC 7816
SPI LIN mode
Analogue sensors (12-bits ADC)

Technical details

Coming soon: technical documentation on how to connect Teneo Nano to The Things Network!

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