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LoRaWAN Starter Kit for Fast Prototyping

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Starter Kit is aimed at developing Internet of Things application by providing the components needed to build and connect a LoRa based IoT proof of concept. The pre-configured devices and connectors helps speed up the development of use cases including smart city, building, agriculture, industrial, utility and many others.

# Developement Kit
# End Device
# Gateways


The kit is an ideal option for those looking to build solution over LoRaWAN by using real sensors.

The package consists of the following:

Base Station
1 X Multitech Conduit (Indoor Gateway)
End Device
3 X The Things Uno / SODAQ Explorer
Sensor Kit
Includes temperature, pressure, luminous, sound and 5 other sensors to choose from
Network Server
The Things Network (can be provisioned to private network)

Technical details

Please check the link below to see more details.

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