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LoRun products are part of the integrated LoRaWAN solution, including gateway, node, module, terminal application and other core network hardware products. LoRun gateway is a series of low power, low cost, long distance, wireless transmission Internet of Things gateway based on LoRaWAN protocol, specially used for: high communication requirements, strong anti-jamming ability, high sensitivity, low power consumption, many access nodes and scattered characteristics of terminal equipment and suitable for outdoor thurnderstorm weather and other characteristics. It can be widely ised in urban management, urban construction and transportation, command community park, modern agriculture, industry, mining and other fields.

LoRun G500 Gateway is a branch of our Gateway series products.

# EU 863-870
# Gateways
# Outdoor
# Smart City
# US 902-928



Main Characteristics

  • Large capacity of nodes
    A single gateway can support upto 100,000 nodes.
  • Multi -gateway network alternate
    When the gateway is abnormal in the multi-gateway network, the node can enter the network through the adjacent gateway to ensure the stability.
  • Node Roaming
    Legitimate nodes are mobile within the coverage of the gateway
  • Support half-duplex and full duplex uplink and downlink
    The maximum can be supported by 16 upstream across channels and 2 downlink transmission channels.
  • Wide coverage radius
    Urban 5km and suburban 15km coverage can be realized.
  • POE power supply
    Support standard Ethernet port power and DC12V dual power supply.
  • Power off alarm
    Support for power-off alarm function
  • Configuration Management based on wifi
    It provides a convenient and reliable way of low cost operation for the management and maintenance of base station system

Technical details

For more inforamtion, refer to the datasheet.

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