MCCI Catena 4551

Integrated LoRaWAN™ IoT Node

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The Catena 4551 is a complete single-board IoT device for Lo-RaWAN projects.

Based on the Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-078, and designed to be compatible with the Adafruit Feather family of development boards and accessories, the Catena 4551 is a great platform for LoRaWAN investigation and deployment.

Lightweight and small, the 4551 needs no external components to measure and send temperature, pressure, humidity, and lux, powered from USB or two AAA cells.

# Environment Monitoring
# EU 863-870
# Smart Building
# US 902-928


Technical details

The Murata LoRaWAN module has the following features:
• STM32L082 CPU (Cortex M0+, 24 MHz, 192K flash, 20K RAM)
• Semtech SX1276 LoRa radio
• High quality RF engineering
• Certified for US and EU
• Compatible with IN866, AS923

The Catena 4551 design adds:
• Integrated sensors (Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Lux)
• 2K bytes FRAM for LoRaWAN provisioning info and frame counters
• 1M byte SPI Flash for bulk data storage, future FoTA firmware storage, etc.
• Boost converter for powering from disposable batteries (such as 2x AAA cells) or from USB
• USB or SWD for download and debug
• Provisions for screw terminals for pulse, analog or digital I/O
• Support for whip, u.FL, or SMA antennas

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