MeshNET Modbus Controller

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The MeshNET Modbus controller allows for low cost wireless remote monitoring and control of Modbus RTU enabled devices.

It can also be configured to alarm on various setpoints to give instant feedback on issues (such as overload). Monitoring of tripped breakers, earth leakage current and brown outs can also be configured as required. When used in conjunction with MeshNET Vision the monitored data can then be processed into meaningful and useful information that provides maintenance and planning departments with a valuable resource.

# AS 923
# AU 915-928
# End Device
# US 902-928


Applications: - remote monitoring and control of Modbus enables devices. Examples include (but not limited to) smart power meters for monitoring distrution boards, smart weather stations, solar inverters, industrial RTUs, data acquisition devices, etc

Technical details

Power: 3 versions 240VAC, 5VDC and 12-30VDC. Battery powered option also available
Wireless Communications: LoRaWAN (AU915 and AS923-928)
Zigbee version also available
Serial communications: Modbus RTU, RS485
Polling/Message Intervals: User Configurable

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