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Industrial wireless micro-weather station

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Using the patented design of helical air temperature measurement technology enables the MeteoHelix professional wireless micro-weather stations to achieve air temperature measurement accuracies to the highest requirements of World Meteorological Organization, therefore making this wireless weather station the most accurate on the market by a wide margin. Designed for professional use, it is affordable enough for most households due to the use of IoT wireless technologies.

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Solar powered in 6+ months life without sun. Measures air temperature to WMO accuracy, air humidity to WMO accuracy with dew & frost point output, atmospheric pressure, solar irradiation (pyranometer) and comes with an optional 2 meter rain gauge input cable.

allMeteo weather map and portal yearly account is optional enabling users to choose their own weather portal.

Included hardware are a 2mm stainless steel white powder coated holder with mounting screws.

Technical details

  • Temperature ±0.2 °C (typical)
  • Relative humidity ±1.8 %RH @ 25 °C hysteresis ±1 %
  • Dew point / Frost point (calculated)
  • Solar radiation 5 % of daily total
  • Atmospheric pressure ±1.5hPa @25°C (750…1100hPa)
  • Rain (optional reed switch input) connection 2 wire interface optional
  • CO2 sensor optional
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