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The Move Gateway is an industrial-grade LoRaWAN gateway, integrated with LoRaWAN wireless communication technology and cellular network technology, to provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission services. The data is transmitted for distances of even kilometers, to be collected by the gateway which, via a Cellular mobile connection, forwards them on the internet, where it will be possible to view them on the cloud viewing and analysis platform. It is therefore the central gear between the sensors and the internet. The gateway is designed by Move, has a robust case suitable for outdoor use, waterproof IP67.

# EU 863-870
# Gateways
# Outdoor
# Smart Building


  • Supporting global LoRaWAN frequency bands
  • Compatible with LoraWAN ad private protocols
  • Compatible with any LoRaWAN cloud server
  • Cellular connection
  • Long-range communication
  • Management of hundreds of devices
  • Fit to industrial environment (IP67 Protection)

Technical details

  • LoRaWAN communication protocol
  • LTE, fallback 3G and 2G Cellular Channel
  • LoRa Radio Channel Frequency ISM 868 MHz
  • Waterproof rating IP67
  • Supply 12 - 24V (AC adapter included)
  • 4 Km urban LoRa Link Coverage (line of sight with devices)
  • -40°C / +85°C operating temperature
  • Dimension of case 250x220x75mm
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