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Ultrasonic sensor

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–This sensor returns liquid or solid levels via acoustic waves. It is ideally suited for monitoring fuel oil tank levels or sending via LoRa and SigFox network, the filling rate for clothes container and refuse bins.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Logistics
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Smart City
# US 902-928


–● Dimension: 60 x 33 x 85mm (109mm including fixing brackets)
● –IP65 classified
–● Default configuration allows target detection until 6 meters
–● Detection of objects from 0cm to 20cm range as 20cm or closer
–● The acoustic detection pattern has an angle of 7°. The geometry of the detection pattern depends mainly on the size, orientation, and acoustic properties of the target, but also on the atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity
● –Battery operation
–● For European, Japan, North America markets
–● Certified LoRaWan 1.0.2 class A & C

EU, Japan, US / Canada
Wireless technology
LoRa, LoRa + Sigfox
60 x 33 x 85mm (109mm including fixing brackets)

Technical details

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