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The ODG851-0TL4x is a fully-featured wireless base station designed to operate in harsh environments. It securely connects multiple networks and provides redundant cellular uplink. LoRaWAN™-compliant base station can serve as a transparent LoRa™ gateway, and it also allows setting up controlled closed infrastructure within a private network.

1. Industrial IoT and networking
2. Farming and agriculture
3. Environmental monitoring
4. Smart City infrastructure: street lighting, waste management, traffic controls
5. Utilities, AMI/AMR
6. Security sensors, IP surveillance

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Technical details

  • LoRaWAN™ base station:
  • 8 channels scan, packet forwarder
  • Transparent or private network

  • Wireless communications hub

  • High-speed, low-latency LTE and WiFi
  • Low-power, long-range LoRaWAN™

  • Ingress Protection (IP67)

  • Harsh environments, wide to range
  • Weatherproof outdoor design

  • Reliable uplink for IIoT network

  • Multiple WANs: LTE, WiFi, Ethernet
  • QoS bandwidth prioritization policies
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