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Radio modem ORIONMETER is a secondary converter, realizes three number of pulse / discrete measurement channels and uses water, gas, electric meters with pulse (telemetric) / electric meters with interface as primary converters.

Radio modem ORIONMETER intended for remote collection of water, gas, heating, electricity indications with future transfer them to the main base. Through the LoRaWAN network these indications is transmitted to the service cloud.

- Lifetime without changing the battery from 7 years
- Up to 4 channels (x3 discrete and x1 RS-485)
- Regular uploading of accumulated energy consumption statistics to the database
- Easy to install and maintain
- Unique technology ORION FDM (Configurator) allows to reduce the time, costs for installation via USB RF tool
- Remote collection of indications in real time
- Operational control over the technological parameters in the networks
- Improving the energy efficiency of engineering systems of municipal and housing funds by obtaining analytical data

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Industrial IoT
# Logistics
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Smart Metering


Autonomous device, designed to collect data on consumption of hot and cold water, gas, electricity as well as various technological parameters with further transfer through OrionM2M network to the service provider

Collects data on consumption of hot and cold water, gas, electricity with further transfer through OrionM2M network to the service provider
Eliminates human error of manual data collection
Reduces staff costs, travel expenses, unauthorized use of energy, etc
Offers tailor-made alert system that enables timely detection and elimination of failures in heating, water, gas and electricity systems
Allows real-time operational control of technological parameters in the electrical networks
Eliminates deliberate misrepresentation of meter readings by customers
Accompanied software generates consumption statistics

Technical details

Number of discrete input channels 3
Number of RS-485 channels 1
Accuracy of the internal clock, % ± 0,01
Pulse measurements maximum margin of error, % ± 0,1
Power supply from built-in lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) 3.6V batteries.

Average battery life, years

to 10
Exchange of information with external devices

LoRaWAN radio channel ISM 868MHz , 25 mW. Duty cycle ᝺%

Ambient temperature, degrees Celsius

From -20 to +60
Overall dimensions, mm 120x50x30
Ingress protection rating IP67
Weight, g, max 200

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