ORS - 1

LoRaWAN™ Overturning Road Signal Sensor

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ORS-1 is a specialized sensor to detect fallen road signs commonly used in road works. It is ideally suited to improve road safety for workers and drivers. The sensor enables real time detection of fallen road sign over LoRaWAN™ network with up to 15Km radius range from gateway. Completely waterproof, it will last 10 years on battery.

The sensor can easily attached on the back of road sign by using an internal magnet or brackets. A very low power accelerometer measures static position in real time, detecting changes from its vertical position. It can be connected to long-range public or private LoRaWAN networks. The sensor includes a LoRaWAN™ compliant protocol stack, allowing the user to focus on its application and not on protocol details. The ORS-1 sensor can be optionally equipped with low power GPS for geolocation of road sign.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Outdoor
# Smart City


Industrial Grade

Totally waterproof, Battery life up to 10 years.

Easy installation

Magnetic attachment or by brackets.

Easy programming

All parameters, including alarm thresholds and transmission intervals can easily programmed over LoRaWAN network.

Main Control Unit
STM32™ Cortex®-M0+
Power supply
Up to 10 years life using LiSoCl2 non-rechargeable battery
Position sensor
Standard version includes low power accelerometer, GPS position sensor on request
LoRaWAN™ RF Module
Semtech® chip based
Operational RF
Interface 863 -- 870 MHz
Supported protocol
LoRaWAN™ 1.0
Max TX Power
+14 dBm ERP
Average power consumption
210 µW max
Antenna connection
Standard version includes internal antenna.
External antenna
on request.
Status indicator
Power, Radio connection, Battery status
Environmental resistance/Operating temperature
IP67 / -30 to + 70 °C
Power On/off
By external activation with magnet. Totally sealed
Dimensions/Weight Box
130 x 90 x 40mm / 0.3 Kg

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