OY1300 AMR Water meter

Hot tap water monitoring

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Smart Buildings
Hot tap water consumption is one of the major operating cost for multi tenant buildings. With the OY1300 from OnYield is now possible to install wireless water meters for individual invoiceing based on actual water consumption.

Full end-to-end solution
The 1300 AMR water meter from OnYield is a part of a full end-to-end system with sensor hardware, connectivity, web portal and back-end system. The back-end system and data are easily integrated into your management system.

Hardware based security
Security is corner stone in IoT, especially for sensors in industrial or commercial solutions. The hardware based security architecture provides secure boot, encrypted firmware and safe key storage, making sure correct data is feed into your business systems without risk of information leakage or fraud. With LoRa networks there is no need to add insecure elements behind the company firewall.

Easy installation
The sensor is easily installed in apartments, attics and basements. The battery lasts for 10 years of maintenance-free operation. The design is made to blend into most environments with the discrete but still distinct design.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Indoor
# Smart Building


Reed Optical
Frequency bands
868 MHz
Secure boot & firmware Data encryption Authentication
50 x 50 x 20 mm
20 g
Operating temperature
–20°C to +65°C
RoHS compliant
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