Submersible Level Sensor with Built-in Temperature Sensor

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Suitable for following applications:

  • Water Tank
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Liquid Delivery Systems
  • Water Resources Level
  • Flood Monitoring
  • Diesel Tank
  • Liquid Storage
  • Hydraulic Containers
  • Wastewater Tank
  • Water Trough
# End Device
# Indoor
# Industrial IoT
# Logistics
# LoRaWAN Certified
# Outdoor
# US 902-928


Compatible with all LoRaWAN frequencies
Wide range of industrial applications
High accuracy
Designed to meet outdoor applications
Long-term durable performance in harsh environment
Ultra-low power
* Suitable for tank and storage level monitoring of liquids compatible with Stainless Steel

Level Range:
2, 5 10 (or other ranges up to 200) m H2O
Level Accuracy:
0.25 (typ.) %Span
Temperature Accuracy:
2 (typ.) °C
0.01 %Span
Pressure Reference:
Vented Gauge
Temperature Coefficient of Zero:
<0.03 %FS/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Span:
<0.03 %FS/°C
Long Term Stability (1 Year):
<0.2 %Span
Overload Protection:
150 %FS
Load Cycles (Zero to Full Scale):
10+ Million
Storage/Operation Temperature:
-20 ~ +85°C
Compensated Temperature:
0 ~ 60°C
Power Supply:
Built-in Replaceable Lithium Battery, External Power (option)
Rated Voltage:
Battery Lifetime:
50,000+ Readings and 10,000+ Transmission (more than 10 years for most applications)
Physical Specification
O-Ring: Viton, Body: SS304, Diaphragm: SS316, Oil: Silicon, Enclosure: ASA/POM
Process Connection:
No Process Connection (or on request)
~1,200g (for 5m range)
Protection Rate:
IP65 and UV protected enclosure and IP68 sensor head
LoRaWAN Version, Class:
1.0.2revB, Class A (Class C on request)
LoRaWAN Frequency Zone:
AS923, EU868, US902-928, AU915-928
LoRaWAN Activation Type:
OTA (Default), APB
Sampling Type:
Periodic (Default), Event Triggered
Sampling Period:
Configurable via downlink (Default 4 hours)
Transmission Type:
Per sample (Default), Event Triggered, Conditional
Parameter Configuration:
Over-the-air via LoRaWAN downlinks
Locally via wireless connectivity
Firmware Update:
Locally via wireless connectivity, Over The Air

Technical details

PLD2-L - Frequency Zone - Range - (customised options)

Note: Standard product comes with AU 915-928MHz, 5m range and external antenna

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