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Reekoh is the leading open integration platform purpose-built for the Internet of Things and has been recognised by Gartner as a 2017 Cool Vendor in IoT. Using Reekoh's Open Plugin framework, best-of-breed components and intuitive data workflow design tools, Reekoh customers can significantly reduce integration complexity, time and cost for IoT projects, products and solutions.

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Reekoh Pipeline Studio™

Reekoh Pipeline Studio™ is the tool where it all comes together for Reekoh users. Simply put, Pipelines are workflows that control how IoT data flows intelligently through the Reekoh platform. Using Pipeline Studio™, users can visually work with Plugins that have been installed from the Marketplace, connecting and configuring them in ways that can be specific to applications or business requirements. Multiple Pipelines can run simultaneously, allowing for a wide range of possibilities.


Reekoh’s Marketplace provides plugins to all areas of the IoT solution value chain; device makers, network providers, application vendors and more. Customers who are looking for other vendors to fill certain gaps in their solution design can find pre-integrated and ready-to-go components through the Marketplace and accelerate their partner selection and vendor engagement.

Dashboard Studio™

Reekoh has developed Dashboard Studio™ to enable simple visualisation while maintaining the value of the integration model for IoT solution development. Using the native Dataset object in Pipeline Studio™, users can create “micro storage” points along a data workflow, capturing data in a secure container that is used for the sole purpose of powering a Visualisation with the Dashboard Studio™ tool (for broader storage options, users can take advantage of the many Storage Plugins available in the Marketplace).


Using open source Container technology (Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Container Services), the Reekoh Platform can run in several infrastructure scenarios; Reekoh or customers’ Private/Public Cloud, On-prem, Hybrid or IoT Edge. Containers also give greater flexibility for developer when building Plugins and components for the Reekoh platform. Developers can make use of any development language, code libraries and modules, with all components bundled together and deployed in a single Container.

Technical details

Using The Things Network Plugin

It’s simple to integrate The Things Network into your IoT solution backend using Reekoh’s TTN Stream Plugin. This plugin listens

  1. Create a new Pipeline in Reekoh’s Pipeline Studio
  2. Under the “Stream” category of Plugins on the left-hand panel, pin the TTN Stream Plugin from the list of available Stream Plugins.
  3. Drag the TTN Stream Plugin to the Pipeline canvas
  4. Configure the Plugin with you TTN settings; Region, App ID and Access Key
  5. Connect the TTN Stream Plugin to other Plugins in your Pipeline to design the flow of data from TTN to the rest of your solution.
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