SDC Smart Guard S1

People Counter and Visitor Flow Control

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The sdc Smart Guard S1 is an intelligent counting and control system that counts entering and exiting visitors at the same time. It controls the visitor flow via an integrated traffic light.

- People counter: 2 directions
- Traffic light: control of visitor flow
- Watch visitor flow via internet
- Watch traffic light status via internet
- Easy indoor and outdoor setup: rollable stainless steel pillar with an appealing, noble design
- Networking possible: several sdc Smart Guards can be coordinated with a sdc Smart Guard Coordinator (not included) enabling the control of several entrances and exits via automatic networking

# End Device
# Environment Monitoring
# EU 863-870
# Indoor
# Industrial IoT
# Logistics
# Smart Building
# Smart City


SDC Smart Guard S1

The counter system of sdc Smart Guard uses an innovative directional scanning process to record the movement directions of the visitors but does not record any personal data.

The SDC Smart Guard is IoT (Internet of Things) network compatible to allow internet access: counter values and traffic light status are transmitted using LoRaWAN radio technology to nearly any cloud solution.

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Technical details

  • Motion Scanner: Optical Scan Line
  • Traffic Light Control: Red, Green
  • Power Supply: 5VDC, 0.3A via USB plug-in power supply 230VAC (included), battery on request
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Height 1400 mm
  • Rollable base: 410 mm x 477 mm x 6 mm (W x D x H)
  • Total weight: Approx. 15 kg
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