Senlab TH - THY-LAB-14NS - Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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Senlab T+H is a smart wireless module, featuring the LoRaWAN™ connectivity protocol, equipped with a remote high-precision temperature and relative humidity sensor. This sensor connected to a 0,5m probe can measure temperatures from -55°C to +125°C and air humidity from 0 to 100%, with accuracy of ±0,4 °C and 3% RH.
Designed for outdoor use, Senlab T+H offers a ruggedized IP68 casing and robust wireless connectivity for continuous monitoring in harsh environments.

This Senlab offers best in class features as:
- Battery life time up to 20 years
- Rich Data Content thanks to datalogging (24 datas/radio transmission)
- Radio Performances
- Advanced set of functionalities

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Industrial IoT
# Logistics
# Smart Building


  • Plug & Play installation

Product fixing with 2 cable ties
External Dallas temperature probe (DS18B20 - 1m cable)
Probe installation on metallic pipe with perforated hose clamp
Activation with magnet (LED feedback)

  • High configurability

Temperature precision of +/-0.5°C range [-10;+70°C]
High and Low threshold overrun configuration
Log and transmit mode for battery lifetime enhancement (up to 24 compressed logs per transmission)
Reconfiguration possible over the air

  • Network configuration

LoRaWAN parameters (OTAA or ABP activation mode, initial datarate,...)
Encryption keys customizable by client
Standard LoRaWAN retries support
Radio collisions avoidance by pseudo-randomization of transmissions
Advanced transmission reliability mechanisms (redundancy of data, recovery of lost messages, ...)

Technical details

IP68 - Technical specifications
Physical specifications
Dimensions 56 x 102 x 35 mm
Weight :140 gr
Operating temperature :-20°C to +70°C
RF spécifications
RF sensitivity : -137dBm
RF power : +14dBm (25mW)
Radio band : 868 MHz
EC Conformity : Compliant with Directive 2014/53/UE (RED)
EMC : Final draft EN 301 489-3 v2.1.1
Draft EN 301 489-1 v2.2.0
Radio : EN 300 220-2 v3.1.1
Magnetic field exposure : EN 62479
Safety : IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-22

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