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Equipped with a powerful microcontroller, our SODAQ Cattle Tracker is LoRaWAN based device. The board is using the ublox Eva 8m GPS module, giving it a GPS fix within seconds. It can stay in (deep) sleep mode until it moves. A LED light shows the status of the board through the waterproof casing of the tracker. Optional is a Bluetooth connection

# Agriculture
# EU 863-870
# US 902-928


Contains a solar panel to charge by the sun as well as an integrated LiPo battery. Furthermore, utilizes Bluetooth, LoRa technology, an 868/915 MHz antenna, and GPS for efficient communication as well as a robust housing with a counterweight to ensure the device stays waterproof and endures in all sorts of weather conditions.

Technical details

  • GPS: Ublox SAM-M8Q
  • Technology: LoRaWAN
  • Solar Panel integrated
  • Bluetooth optional (Bluetooth MCU NRF52832)
  • Waterproof case with counterweight for balance
  • RN2483A or RN2903
  • LED light to indicate Status of Board
  • ATSAM D21J18
  • Accelerometer LSM303AGR
  • Antenna 868/915 MHz
  • LiPo Battery Built-In
  • Micro USB (for software updates and debugging)
  • SD Card Slot
  • 16MB Data Flash
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