Soil Water Potential and Temperature MPS6

Most fundamental and essential measurement in soil physics

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The MPS-6 is a matrix water potential sensor that provides long term, maintenance-free soil water potential and temperature readings at any depth without sensitivity to salts. The range of the MPS-6 goes from field capacity to air dry. Lab and field tests indicate that it can make accurate measurements at water potentials at least as dry as permanent wilting point.

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Dramatically Improved Accuracy
Accuracy (±10% of the reading) comes from the MPS-6's six point factory calibration. Compare with confidence to other MPS-6 sensors or to other measures of water potential.

Tough, Long-Lasting Body
Epoxy overmolding will withstand even difficult field conditions. Sensors are rated for long-term research studies.

No Recalibration
Other matrix potential sensors have a tendency to degrade over time. The MPS-6 uses a silica based ceramic material that doesn't degrade and doesn't need replacement or recalibration.

Insensitivity to Salts
The sensor is accurate in salty environments, a variety of soils, and even in locations where the salinity conditions change over time.

Breakthrough calibration technique gives the MPS-6 the accuracy of an individually calibrated sensor at a price comparable to most uncalibrated sensors.

Excellent Range
The MPS-6 has sensitivity from -9 kPa all the way to air dry (-100,000 kPa), with accurate measruements to at least permanent wilting point.

Onboard Temperature Measurement
Temperature measurements let you evaluate another important growing condition without adding a sensor.

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