Tekelek LoRaWAN Level Sensor

A flexible and configurable battery operated ultrasonic level sensor with an integrated LoRaWAN radio.

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Liquid level monitoring
- Fuel – Oil, Kerosene
- Water
- Waste Oil
- And more
Ensure continued supply
Optimize delivery or collections
Spot and continuous inventory measurement
24/7 monitoring


Accurate, reliable tank level monitoring
LoRaWAN Communication
Spot and continuous inventory management
Remote configurability
Easy to install
Minimum 2 year warranty
Up to 14 year battery life
Cost effective for large scale deployment
CE Conformance and ROHS Compliant
Up to 15km range
Increase efficiency
Improve profitability
Optimise logistics
Manage inventory

# End Device
# Indoor
# Industrial IoT
# Smart Metering



Technical details

Installation Guide available at https://tekelek.ie/wp-content/uploads/delightful-downloads/2019/03/9-5848-09-TEK-766-Ultrasonic-LoRaWAN-Installation-Guide-A4.pdf

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