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The Move tiltmeter measures the angle of inclination of the point where it is installed with a resolution of 0.000015 °. The device transmits the measured angle at regular time intervals. It is full wireless, and the battery lasts for five years. By processing the collected data it is possible to calculate the deflection of the structure with respect to the initial situation. It also mounts a temperature sensor in order to relate thermal excursion and static deformation. Ideal for static monitoring of large structures and static load tests.

# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Industrial IoT
# Logistics
# Outdoor
# Smart Building


  • Acquisition of Tilt Angle and Temperature
  • High precision
  • Fit to industrial environment IP67 protection
  • Long-range capacity due to the external antenna
  • Battery powered device with long life
  • LoRa® communication technology
  • Smart installation with wall, floor, or ceiling

Technical details

  • Solution for monitoring of Buildings, Bridges and Overpass, Dams, Smart Industries, Underground works, and Smart Operations
  • LoRa Class A - Class B, Adaptive Data Rates (ADR), Spreading Factors, Channel Diversity, compatible with LoRaWAN Gateway
  • Resolution 0.000015°
  • Temperature resolution 0,125°C
  • 8 years of battery life
  • Radio Channel Frequency ISM 868 MHz
  • Waterproof rating IP67
  • 1 lithium battery type “D” 19Ah 3.6V
  • -40°C / +85°C operating temperature
  • Dimension of case 75x80x57mm
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