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TRIoT® is developed by Wyld Networks, this unique and innovative stack delivers 3-in-1 benefits for Smart Metering, Building Automation, Smart Home, Smart Lighting and other IoT applications.

# AU 915-928
# CN 470-510
# End Device
# EU 863-870
# Indoor
# Smart Building
# Smart Metering


In combination with Wyld Networks AM094-LW and AM095 modems the TRIoT® is an ultimate wireless solution for IoT projects which supports wireless M-Bus, LoRa® and LoRaWAN® all on one device at 868 and 915 MHz. This innovation reduces the complexity of IoT projects and the infrastructure cost, whilst at the same time increasing reliability by including encryption and decryption AES128, AES256. The distinctive functionality of the TRIoT® is bridging between layers: wireless M-Bus to LoRa® as well as wireless M-Bus to LoRaWAN® all at 868 MHz.

Bridge Between Devices and Networks – TRIoT® allows you to create a bridge, extending the range of hard to reach devices. TRIoT® is already deployed to collect Wireless M-Bus readings from a group of smart meters and deliver these via the long-range capabilities of LoRa® and LoRaWAN®. These benefits are available without the need for replacing already fitted and working wireless M-Bus devices, meters and sensors.

TRIoT® is live on more than 350,000 nodes.

Technical details

Software Stack

Featured in all WyldConnect modems, or incorporate in user application RF Operation

  • Narrow-band and wideband operation throughout 490, 868 and 915MHz ISM bands
  • Narrow-band operation in the 169MHz band
  • Receiver continuously optimises operating conditions to reduce packet error rate
  • Wide tolerance of wM-Bus data rate errors Protocol Bridging
  • Allows multiple sessions of LoRa®, LoRaWAN® and WM-Bus at the same time
  • Runs LoRaWAN® 1.0.3 A & C classes
  • Can convert WM-Bus frequencies between 169 to 868 and 915MHz
  • Extends the range of applications: Application building
  • Lets user build extra applications in modem
  • Fully compatible with existing LoRa®, LoRaWAN® and WM-Bus networks
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