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Ubidots (ubidots.com) is an IoT Application Development Platform that automates the process of IoT application creation for enterprises and individuals to deploy any IoT solution to scale, and do so quickly.

Ubidots platform is a user-focused point-and-click IoT App builder with data analytics and cloud function tools, dashboard visualizations, device management tools, BI events and alarm engine, and end-user authentication/access to give end-users and operators the data they need and nothing more. With the Ubidots platform, developers collect, enhance, and deliver sensor, actuator, and beacon data that matters for businesses and operators to make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency and effectiveness of a system.

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1) User-focussed IoT Application Development and Deployment Platform
2) Configure one Device Type and onboard 1,000s of devices with identical device properties and settings to scale a solution with ease.
3) Create private API end-points and parse data into a Node.js cloud GET or POST HTTP function to extending a TTN connected-solution beyond the boundaries of Ubidots architecture.
4) Transform, Calculate, and Analyze data effortlessly with Synthetic Variables and a serverless cloud analytics engine, UbiFunctions.
5) Access real-time and historical device and sensor data with 2 years standard storage and retention.
6) Point-and-click dashboard assembly environment with pre-built widgets and controls to beautifully deliver data.
7) Customize the look and feel of any Application with white-label branding.
8) Setup and enable conditional (if/then) Events and Alerts (SMS, Email, Telegram, Voice, Slack Notifications, webhooks and more).
9) Assign permissions and restrictions to any end-user or operator who interacts with dashboards, devices, events, and more.
10) A cloud-based platform to give users and operators access to Apps anywhere there is Internet connection.
11) Free to start!

Technical details

You can read more on how to integrate with Ubidots from the documentation provided by TTN by clicking here, or check out Ubidots official documentation at: ubidots.com/docs/

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Connect the dots to the Internet of Things with Ubidots