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WaterSens is a Smart Water control, able to manage up to 4 latch valves remotely over long-range, low-power wireless communication protocols such LoRaWAN, giving to the sensor a plus in different sectors such as agriculture, smart cities, and much more.

# Agriculture
# AS 923
# AU 915-928
# CN 470-510
# End Device
# EU 863-870
# IN 865-870
# Industrial IoT
# US 902-928


WaterSens is a Compact Smart Water Control, able to manage up to 4 external latch valves remotely over LoRaWAN.

  • LoRaWAN allows to connect devices with distances higher than 10Kms in line of the sight allowing to automate actions reducing displacements.
  • Inputs:
  • 2 analogs inputs for externals sensors (Soil moisture, Tª).
  • 1 digital input available for pulse metering.
  • Easy commissioning and maintenance through NFC communication.
  • Totally open to be integrated in any platform.
  • Ready to be deployed in the field with no need of maintenance in 10 years.
  • Saving Cost reducing external wiring supply.


  • Smart agriculture.
  • Smart cities. Landscaping.
  • Smart Irrigation in Golf courts & Resort

Benefits & Key features:

  • Compact dimensions ready to be deployed with different options: ( pole, directly in the water valve box, …)

Digital inputs for pulse meter reading for:

  • Water Consumption control
  • Automatic water switch off in case of leak detection
  • Remote water service cut off for users not paying their water bills
  • NFC communication for setting configuration. Reduce installation times and maintenance
  • Long life battery (2 daily switchings for 10 years with no need of maintenance)

Saving Costs:

  • Significative reduction in wiring connections during installation.
  • Water consumption saving.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Systems ready to work in a easy way with several platforms.
  • Like UBIDOTS: You can review in the link [ QR code ].

Technical details

End device type: Class A
Frequency plan: AS915,CN779,AU915,AS923,KR920, IN865
NFC COMMUNICATION Frequency: 13.56Mhz
Interface: Passive NFC
POWER SUPPLY Type: 2x Type C battery
Voltage: 3,6[V]
Maximum pulse current: 2500mA
Life expected: 10 years (*)
Dimensions: 110x150x40mm
Weight: 320g
IP class: IP67
Housing material: ABS UL94 V-0


External Temperature: Analog signal. Range [0…3,3V]. Protected against ESD
External Humidity: Analog signal. Range [0…3,3V]. Protected against ESD
External water pulse counter: Digital signal. Range [0…3,3V] or free potential
Protected against ESD. Maximum frequency 1KHz


Number of electrovalves . 4
Output pulse activation voltage (Vab): +9V
Output pulse deactivation voltage (Vab) ): 9V
Protection against ESD and voltages peaks originated by solenoid switching
Maximum output current: 1.2A
Pulse duration current: 20ms.200ms
Maximum wire length recommended current: 2m
ENVIRONMENTAL FEATURES Operating temperature [ºC]: [-10 / +50]
Storage temperature [ºC]: [-20 / +60]
MECHANICAL FEATURES Dimensions[WHD]: [110x150x40]
Weight[g]: 320g

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