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Withthegrid provides an IoT application to manage the condition of infrastructure assets. It analyzes time series data, detects anomalies and assigns them to the right personnel.

It helps save valuable time, avoid unplanned maintenance, and increase the lifetime of assets.

# Platform


Withthegrid helps IoT developers address the biggest issue of asset owners: Translate time series data into actionable insights. It consists of 3 steps:

1) Connect any type of sensor with the most important protocols and connectivity (HTTP/Webhook/CoAP/MQTT)
2) Detect anomalies on the time series data using machine learning algorithms
3) Manage the anomalies and track how they are resolved or analyzed by personnel

Specific functionality for IoT developers:

  • Configure secure access for your devices through HTTPS webhooks or client certificates
  • Directly communicate with your devices through DTLS over CoAP
  • Define event handlers in TypeScript that parse incoming payloads into measurement reports, return instructions to devices (including FOTA) and monitor device health. If that sounds scary, it isn’t, but we’re here to help and we will already set it up when we connect your sample device.
  • Monitor activity of your devices
  • Generate device tokens to share with the end customer so they can securely claim the devices in their end-user environment

Specific functionality for Asset owners:

  • Insert manual measurements
  • Link to GIS systems or other asset systems
  • Manage issues for personnel
  • Assign specific user rights

Technical details

  • Overview of assets and devices
  • In-field coupling of devices with assets
  • Alerts and alarms based on thresholds and algorithms
  • Always access to your data be in on computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Have technical personnel add manual measurements from the field directly into the application
  • Public API documentation so you can link it to your systems
  • Scales immediately with growing needs
  • Connect any sensor to the Withthhegrid application with the most popular protocols
  • Security by design
  • End to end device encryption including DTLS over CoAP
  • Cloud based application
  • Unlimited data storage
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