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17 integrations found
Tago - Platform

Integrate TTN with TagoIO Platform

Integration with AWS IoT

Control, manage, and secure your device fleets and extract value from IoT data.


LoRaWAN Wireless Water Leak Detector

MeshNET Modbus Controller

#AU915, #AS923 #Modbus #LowCostMonitoring


Drag and drop IoT platform

ATOS Integration tool with FIWARE platform

Connecting LoRaWAN Networks with FIWARE

Reekoh IoT Integration Platform

Build, Scale and Manage Integrated and Interoperable IoT Solutions

CommonSense IoT Platform

Internet of Things (IoT) Application Enablement Platform


Build Faster

Microshare’s Smart Facilities Environment solution

Simple real-time monitoring of building conditions

DevicePilot - Platform

Visualise your connected devices

Integration with Azure IoT

Streaming LoRaWAN Network to Microsoft Azure

Microshare’s Smart Occupancy Module

Simple real-time monitoring of use and occupancy of desks, conference rooms and public areas.


Connect the dots to the Internet of Things with Ubidots

AllThingsTalk Cloud

Make IoT Ideas Happen

Microshare’s Predictive Cleaning & Maintenance solution

Simple real-time monitoring of restrooms and facilities

WioSense LoRa Gateway/LoRa Sensor Network

Make precision Agriculture Simple

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