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Smart Elements

Increased efficiency and peace of mind for your farm

Business Case

Smarter Agriculture

Smart Elements is a system of products that boost your time by eliminating the need to manually check your farms most important assets. By deploying a wide variety of sensors that report back to a very simple online dashboard, you can save money by making fast and informed decisions based on real time conditions.

  1. Buy a Base Station and turn it on.

  2. Plug in a Sensor to a Blue Node within range of your Base Station.

  3. Get a cold drink from the fridge – you’re finished! Sensor data is now being sent to your own online dashboard.

Included products

Blue Node

The Blue Node connects real world sensors to apps in a way no other remote telemetry device can. A battery powered, multi-sensor node that lasts up to 10 years, the Blue Node is the easiest device to actually install in the field, providing data communications for an enormous variety of existing sensors with the cloud – both ours and yours.

The Node is a small battery powered device designed to measure a range of different sensor data and transmit to the nearest Base Station. It can also receive commands from the Base Station. It is available is many different configurations including internal sensors, support for external probes, non-rechargeable or
rechargeable battery and many others.

Base Station

The role of the Base Station is to act as an internet gateway for the local LoRa network. It uses a Telstra 3G connection (850MHz band) to upload LoRa data to the web. Each Base Station can have up to 200 LoRa Nodes within its range, reporting on an hourly basis. Proper installation of the Base Stations is critical for maximising performance of the system.

The Base Stations come with a capped 50MB monthly plan by default. Once the monthly data allowance is exhausted, it will stop forwarding LoRa messages until the start of the next monthly period (this will not necessarily fall on the 1st of the month). The Base Stations need to be externally powered using either the provided AC/DC 12V power pack or the optional solar energy kit.

By default, the Base Stations comes with a high performance Cellular antenna and a 1/4 wave whip LoRa antenna which will deliver high performance over very long distances. To extend the range further it is possible to remove the antenna provided and replace it with a high gain SMA antenna mounted on a mast (not provided).


We believe that by delivering great quality hardware with incredibly simple setup and connectivity, you can then focus on building the applications that deliver real insights and unique benefits for your users.

Out of the box we provide a very intuitive and clean Dashboard App to view all your connected sensors and basestations, as well as data export and device management functionality – however you can also build your own application on top of our Events API or by setting up your own webhooks.