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Agriculture & Precision Farming

Agriculture and Precision Farming solution over LoRaWAN technology to increase the quality, quantity, sustainability and cost effectiveness of agricultural production.

Business Case

Agriculture - Precision Farming

Today’s large and local farms can leverage IoT to remotely monitor sensors that can detect soil moisture, crop growth and livestock feed levels, remotely manage and control their smart connected harvesters and irrigation equipment, and utilize artificial intelligence based analytics to quickly analyze operational data combined with 3rd party information, such as weather services, to provide new insights and improve decision making.

By placing sensors across a farm land, it is possible to get data about parameters such as temeprature, moisture, wind among other conditions very precisely. Actions to the fields, like watering or applying fertilizer can be done way more optimal.

Such a use case requires a large amount of sensors in a wide spread area. With the long rage technology of LoRaWAN it is possible to receive the data of these sensors 10km apart. Because of the high number of sensors, using 2G/3G subscription will be not cost efficient enough.


Key Features

  • Low cost gathering of the conditions of your crop field
  • Provides farm to table data on environmental elements
  • Optimized yields by knowing the conditions across the crop fields
  • Optimal fertilizer usage
  • Optimal water usage
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