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Building Management Solution

Building management systems are the backbone of smart buildings. Allowing building owners and tenants to monitor, maintain and manage the functions within a structure. The solution deployment involves the installation of sensors, network and a cloud-based data store for the application.

Business Case

Building Management Solution

The concept of smart buildings can be described as a fusion between familiar concepts from automation and technologies from the electronics sector. Building Management Solution comprises of systems and a wide range of applications for commercial buildings and private homes. Three of the most significant application segments in building automation are energy management and climate control, security and access control, as well as lighting and window control. The main value driver is in insurance premiums and servicing which is a huge cost reduction for these buildings.


Key Features

The main features include management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as lighting, security and safety operations. But perhaps the biggest appeal is its ability to lower energy usage, and therefore, save money.

  • Easily collect and manage data from people, sensors, connected equipment and existing systems
  • Utilize big data and analytics to generate new insights and drive better decisions
  • Access to easily visualize data, receive alert notifications and take action on insights and recommendations across all relevant building operations
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