I have a problem

  • Check the TTN status page, the Forum, the #ops channel on Slack or our Twitter account to see if there are any planned/known service disruptions.

I am no longer receiving data in my Application

  • Check the live traffic for your device in the "Data" tab or using ttnctl subscribe.
    • If you don't see anything showing up, there might be a problem with your access keys, or data is not received by the network.
  • Check the status of your device on the Console or using ttnctl devices info [DevID].
    • If the Status or Last Seen shows a time that is long ago, data is indeed not received by the network

The network is no longer receiving data from my Node

  • Check that your device uses OTAA, and not ABP.
    • If your device uses ABP, you might want to change this, or check the Frame Counters.
  • Check that you have coverage in the area of your Node
    • If you do not own a gateway in the area, the Node may not have coverage or someone elses Gateway may be unavailable.

I am no longer seeing traffic for my Gateway

  • Check the status of your gateway on the Console and using ttnctl gateways status [GatewayID]
    • If the Last Seen on the Console shows a time that is long ago, your gateway may be offline, or there is a problem with the NOC
    • If the Last Seen in ttnctl shows a time that is long ago, your gateway is likely offline
  • Check the logs of your gateway to verify that it is still working
  • Check internet traffic of your gateway (using tcpdump) to verify that it is transmitting data

I still have a problem

  • Notify the #ops channel on Slack. When multiple people have the same problem, we can investigate deeper.
  • Examples:
    • "Possible problem in {eu,us,asia,...}: No longer receiving data for {app+device/gateway,...} {appid+devid/gatewayid} since {time}"
    • "Possible problem in {eu,us,...}: {MQTT/API/Console} seems to be down since {time}"

Support Ticket

  • If you seem to be the only one experiencing this problem, you can submit a support ticket with one of the (commercial) support providers.
  • Please provide the following information:
    • What do you want to do?
    • What steps did you already take?
    • What went wrong?
    • Please provide as many IDs as possible: Gateway IDs, Device IDs, Application IDs, Usernames
      • Please send these IDs as text, not as screenshots
    • What kind of node/gateway/application? What kind of software is running on it? What version?
    • When did it stop working?
    • What do your log files look like?
    • Do you have screenshots?