3 Highlights from The Things Conference Logistics Edition

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Posted on 29-09-2021

Last Friday, The Things Conference Logistics Edition took place, with over 600 attendees tuning in for keynotes and hands-on workshops on LoRaWAN® and Logistics. Didn’t have the chance to attend? Watch the sessions on our YouTube channel

Here are the 3 highlights from The Things Conference Logistics Edition:

Semtech solving the logistics coverage challenge

Track & Trace has transformed logistics operations, eliminating unauthorized use of packages, loss of valuable assets and theft of high-value goods. Different steps in the supply chain involve unique challenges and requirements to successfully execute the logistics. Pierre Gelpi of Semtech explained how solutions based on LoRaWAN can solve the coverage challenge for different features:

Sub-gigahertz LoRaWAN implementations, however, aren't capable of solving every asset tracking problem. Multi-radio access technologies are more efficient. For example, LTE-M or other LPWANs can be used as the backhaul. In addition, the globally harmonized 2.4GHz LoRa® can be a great solution to solve challenges when operating on a global scale. Learn more about examples of use cases for technology combination in Semtech’s The Things Conference Logistics keynote: Logistics Coverage Challenge Solved

Murata and Pycom: accelerating IoT communication for many

Murata and Pycon have announced their partnership to provide a full-stack IoT product. Starting from early 2022, Murata and Pycon’s customers can start using the new generation of Pycom devices with Murata’s modules embedded.

Watch the announcement video:

Building End-to-End IoT Solutions for Smart Logistics & Asset Tracking with TEKTELIC

LoRaWAN asset tracking solutions can minimize the losses connected to monitoring outdoor or indoor logistics. TEKTELIC introduces end-to-end IoT solutions that help address some of the crucial connectivity challenges in smart logistics and asset tracking. TEKTELIC’s Real Time Location Services Application (Locus), fully integrated with The Things Stack, is a comprehensive application that tracks and monitors all assets in your network.

Watch to learn key benefits and differentiators of the LoRaWAN technology for Smart Logistics:

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