4 highlights from The Things Conference Agriculture Edition

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Posted on 01-11-2021

The Things Conference 2021 Series rounded off with the Agriculture Edition of the conference last Friday. Over 700 attendees have joined to learn more about LoRaWAN® for smart agriculture, sustainable solutions for soil moisture, waste management, and animal tracking.

Here are 4 highlights from The Things Conference Agriculture Edition:

Introducing the first plant-powered IoT device

IRNAS and Plant-e joined their forces to introduce the first plant-powered IoT device, unlocking a large potential for smart sensing in agriculture and the environment.

IoT devices can collect data that predicts forest fires, analyses carbon storage and global greenhouse gas emissions. IRNAS and Plant-e are creating an autonomous system with integrated plant energy harvesting and satellite connectivity, deployable without batteries all around the globe.

Watch their keynote on challenges and opportunities of combining low-power IoT and plant-energy harvesting:

Preventing thousands of dollars in cattle losses

mOOvement are preventing huge losses of cattle each year with GPS ear tags. LoRaWAN enables devices to send data over long distances, including in places where mobile service is unavailable.

Learn how LoRaWAN devices can improve farming, and what are the opportunities for AgriTech in the future:

Optimizing LoRaWAN for Agricultural deployments in rural areas and high plant density

Initially, LoRaWAN was designed for urban environments and smart cities. However, the long range radio technology has become momentous in the AgriTech vertical.

IoT Experts discuss how to overcome the architectural issues of moving LoRaWAN from urban environments to farms:

The power of aggregated data in the AgriTech

LoRaWAN solves connectivity challenges and enables monitoring of soils, carbons, and pests, to unlock new business opportunities in agriculture and farming.

Semtech, TEKTELIC, and others have highlighted the importance of data at all stages of the agricultural business chain.

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