4 highlights from The Things Conference Embedded

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Posted on 31-01-2022

The Things Conference Embedded kicked off last Friday on 28 January 2022. Over 800 attendees had joined to learn about LoRaWAN® device development, discover the open era of computing, explore STM32WL and witness the first ever LoRaWAN live soldering session.

Here are 4 highlights from The Things Conference Embedded:

World’s first 8-hour live LoRaWAN soldering event

Orkhan Amiraslanov, Hardware Developer at The Things Industries, let the world watch minute by minute as he soldered a Generic Node Sensor Edition, a long-range low-power LoRaWAN device powered by STM32WL. It was streamed throughout the entire day of The Things Conference Embedded. This was the world’s first-ever LoRaWAN live soldering session!

Advantages and configuration of TinyGo on Generic Node

TinyGo is a new compiler that uses low level virtual machine (LLVM) to optimize the code and generate machine code for target architecture on over 60 different microcontroller boards.

Learn how TinyGo helps in compiling programs for web browsers and server and edge computing with a specific focus placed on current efforts to support LoRaWAN protocol, explained by the system engineer of TinyGo:

Embedded Rust and LoRaWAN

Rust has the potential to revolutionize embedded programming by allowing us to write efficient and safe code, compile time checks to prevent a wide range of bugs and create embedded applications, similar to how it is written with other software types.

Ulf Lilleengen, Developer at Red Hat, presented a demo to introduce their embedded ecosystem and its advantages, and explored its current state of LoRaWAN support:

Predictive maintenance with an Arduino-based LoRaWAN solution

Predictive maintenance using LoRaWAN helps in efficient use of existing assets by providing the ability to detect machine failures and reduce maintenance issues.

Sebastian Romero from Arduino presented a demo on how to implement predictive maintenance by measuring equipment vibration patterns to prevent damage in advance, mitigating the risk of downtime and improving profitability:

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