4 highlights from The Things Conference Spring Global

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Posted on 09-05-2022

The Things Conference Spring Global kicked off last Thursday on 5 May 2022. Over 500 attendees joined to learn about the current state of the LoRaWAN® market, new features in The Things Stack, popular LoRaWAN devices, and how to scale with IoT.

Here are 4 highlights from The Things Conference Spring Global:

The State of LoRaWAN - how the global standard is developing and what that means for the LoRaWAN market

This year, The Things Industries will connect 1 million LoRaWAN devices, and LoRaWAN is continuing to grow. Integrations with new no code platforms are arriving every day, making LoRaWAN data easier to integrate into business processes. It has been used in incredibly diverse fields such as cattle tracking in New Zealand, helping mining companies with their conveyor belt monitoring in Chile and helping German supermarkets with pest controls and smart mousetraps.

Wienke presented the current state of LoRaWAN, what the current market is. He also dived deep into the industry, the direction it is heading, current pain points and solutions for scaling LoRaWAN and the future of the market.

LoRaWAN at scale - how to provision millions of devices and avoid unexpected costs at scale

Provisioning LoRaWAN devices at scale can often be a challenge for beginners who have just started connecting their devices and for users who want to massively scale their devices.

Krishna Iyer Easwaran, Stack Engineer at The Things Industries, presented a demo on how to future proof LoRaWAN solution by planning for scale from the beginning, and shares the tips and tools required to go from 1 device to 1 million devices effortlessly.

How to choose the right LoRaWAN device

Finding the right LoRaWAN devices for particular requirements and a particular case/industry can be challenging.

Ben Olayinka, Developer Advocate from The Things Industries presented a demo for choosing a LoRaWAN device that would fit the user's requirements and solve problems, using the LoRaWAN Device Repository and Google Sheets.

Build an end-to-end LoRaWAN solution

Kevin Schiffer, UX developer at The Things Industries and Nejra Selimovic, Technical Writer at The Things Industries, presented a workshop on how to build LoRaWAN end to end applications, provision a device and gateway, connect the application to a third party service and create actions based on sensor data.

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