5 things you don’t want to miss at the 5th anniversary of The Things Conference

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Posted on 11-07-2022

The Things Conference, the flagship event about LoRaWAN, is returning to Amsterdam for its 5th anniversary for an exclusive event on 22-23 September. This year, 2000+ attendees and 50+ partners will join the conference to learn about the latest developments in the LPWAN market and LoRaWAN from 70+ keynotes and hands-on workshops.

This year, The Things Conference is celebrating its 5th anniversary and will be more exciting than ever. Here are the five keynotes and workshops that you don’t want to miss at this edition of The Things Conference

1. Interact with the largest Digital Twin in the world

The Digital Twin at The Things Conference 2022 will gather data from 100+ devices sent from different points of the event venue, the Kromhouthal, and its surroundings. It will connect an area of over 4357 m2. Conference visitors will be able to interact and observe the data points through the AR application available at the event and online during the virtual part of the conference. Watch the announcement from Wienke Giezemen, CEO of The Things Industries:

2. LoRa Cloud and Integration for LoRa Edge (LR1110) from the Ground Up

Join the workshop presented by Fabian Schulz, Cloud Engineer at Semtech, on how the LR1110 integrates with the LoRa Cloud Services for a seamless tracking application along with a presentation of the improvements in the LoRa Cloud Services. It will be followed by a tutorial on how to build an application and how to get the most out of LoRa Edge (LR1110).

3. Get many examples of mass scale deployments of LoRaWAN using The Things Stack

Learn how you can apply LoRaWAN technology across different verticals. The Things Stack and its flexibility, features and integrations open up the opportunity for any type of application in logistics, building management, metering systems, smart city solutions, healthcare, workspace and much more. Be there for the opening keynote of The Things Conference to see how LoRaWAN already scales the variety of use cases, and how you can join the transformation. Get tickets

4. Meet all the players in the ecosystem to determine the best stack and your perfect buy and build strategy

The largest event in the LoRaWAN ecosystem will gather over 1500 delegates from around the world and all the major players in the LoRaWAN market. You will have a special chance to meet your future clients, partners, suppliers, and colleagues through curated matchmaking, networking sessions and side events throughout the two days of the conference. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to meet the biggest builders and buyers in the LPWAN industry.

5. Live soldering on stage

The wireless landscape is changing. The public networks are entering the 5G era, where it is projected that everything from massive IoT to mission-critical communication will be under the 5G umbrella. LoRaWAN and IoT-technologies of 4G have been in a continuous tug of war over the years. On one side, the LPWA technologies are grandfathered in from the 4G networks and are now a part of 5G. On the other side LoRaWAN, as is the only viable long-range LPWA. Join the keynote on 22 September presented by Ulf Seijmer, Chief Innovation Officer at Induo where he will talk about whether the competition between LoRaWAN and 5G is negative or positive and how they will impact the IoT industry.

Extra Bonus:

If you buy tickets for The Things Conference 2022 before 1 August, you will get the chance to be among the lucky winners to get the true Amsterdam experience. Johan Stokking, CTO and co-founder of The Things Industries will personally pick you up from your hotel and bike along with you to the Kromhouthal venue.

The Things Conference is organized by The Things Industries, a LoRaWAN Network Server provider that helps companies scale their LoRaWAN solutions. Visit our booth at The Things Conference.

Join The Things Conference and get an in-depth overview of the LoRaWAN market, get hands-on with devices and learn how to mass-scale with IoT in every industry vertical. Get tickets

Watch The Things Conference 2022 announcement video:

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