5 ways to convince your boss to join The Things Conference 2021

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The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 11-11-2020

Still haven’t got your hands on a ticket for the go-to LoRaWAN event series of the year?

Here are 5 ways to convince your boss to join the global, week-long virtual LoRaWAN conference from Jan 25 to 29, 2021.

1. The most effective way to level-up your LoRaWAN skillset

At The Things Conference, there’s no boring content or commercial talks. All sessions come in short, bit-sized pieces conveying key lessons on becoming successful in LoRaWAN.

Join short talks, hands-on workshops and live coding sessions from the inventors of LoRa technology, the writers of the LoRaWAN specifications and the creators of large-scale sensor networks.

Conference keynote

2. Guaranteed connections with future customers

Thousands of professionals from all around the world will join the largest gathering of LoRaWAN professionals of the year. You will have several unique opportunities to find your next customers, partners, vendors and employees, such as:
- Curated Matchmaking: get in touch with relevant industry players through an advanced matchmaking tool, you define yourself what profiles to get connected with.
- Virtual Networking Sessions: join small groups to discuss specific LoRaWAN topics

Conference partners

3. Experience with any LoRaWAN device in the market

Get hands-on experience with any LoRaWAN device in the market with the virtual LoRaWAN Wall of Fame. As a device manufacturer or a LoRaWAN service provider, it is the best occasion to showcase your hardware to thousands of IoT professionals. As a visitor, you will get to know the latest and greatest solutions on the market and you are able to remotely play around with all LoRaWAN hardware.

LoRaWAN Wall of Fame

4. Exclusive access to top-notch LoRaWAN hardware and network server

The Things Conference 2021 comes with a goody bag, delivered at your doorstep prior to the event. Don’t leave the event empty-handed, premium tickets provide a set of devices and gateways. In addition, you will receive a Developer account to experience the interconnected private The Things Stack network server.

Acess The Things Stack

5. The proof of the knowledge you will gain through official LoRaWAN certifications

Get access to LoRaWAN certifications to test and certify your skills on topics such as LoRaWAN basics, security, network management and more. These certifications can be obtained after the event and prove your qualification in LoRaWAN.

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