7 Reasons to Stay Home

Are you considering to join 2000 LoRaWAN developers at The Things Conference 2019? You better think twice. Don’t expect a nice and easy event with happy talks about 50 billion IoT devices. Expect to break out of your comfort zone and be confronted with the nightmares of IoT development. This is our disclaimer. Please read this post carefully and don’t complain at the end of the conference. Be warned.


Reason 1

Don’t expect a nice and comfortable conference with charismatic speakers. No, in Amsterdam we don’t put CEOs on stage who share scripted fairytale stories about their future successes. We confront you with the nightmares in LoRaWAN development. We put people on stage who share their screw-ups and who regret starting their billion dollar idea.

Reason 2

IoT development takes twice as long, is twice as expensive and the profits are twice as low, even if you consider this when starting your development. Why not making a simple webapp? Much easier.

Reason 3

You will meet the industry leaders who are way more knowledgeable than you. Prepare to lose your self-esteem when meeting the core creators of LoRa and LoRaWAN, including the inventor Nicolas Sornin.

Reason 4

In case you’ve just started experimenting with LoRaWAN, I’m sorry to say you’re too late. Alibaba recently joined the LoRa Alliance and the whole of Shenzhen is bracing itself for LoRaWAN development. There’s no way you can beat the pricing of the Chinese products.

Reason 5

Expect hard work, confrontation and frustration during the hands-on workshops. You won’t find simple getting started workshops where you only need to copy-paste lines of code. At The Things Conference you have to work hard; no time for relaxation.

Reason 6

Ever heared of NB-IoT?

Reason 7

We choose to organize the conference in Amsterdam, at the worst time of the year. You’ll experience freezing temperatures, snow and ice storms. Why you’d better stay home, where it’s nice and comfortable.

Did I still not change your mind? Well, you better buy your ticket fast. Only 1 more week before the ticket price increases.