Announcing The Things Stack conference

TheThings Network

The Things Network Global Team

Posted on 20-05-2021

The Things Conference 2021 series is moving forward! After a successful conference around Smart Facilities & Compliance, industry experts will gather again to explore the next-generation LoRaWAN® network server, The Things Stack, online on May 28.

The Things Stack is an enterprise-grade LoRaWAN network server with tens of thousands of users, built on an open-source core by The Things Industries. At The Things Conference 2021 in January, The Things Network announced its migration to The Things Stack.

The Things Stack Conference

At the event, The Things Stack will become standard for the global community. Since the old version of the network server will shut down at the end of 2021, be sure to join the conference to discover and ask all your questions about The Things Stack.

Here is what you can expect at the conference:

  • Learn about The Things Stack and different deployments: join live demos and quickstarts by top LoRaWAN experts, and choose the right deployment for your needs.
  • Deep dive into The Things Stack exclusive features: experience FUOTA (Firmware Updates Over The Air), Class C capabilities and brand new features such as Device Repository.
  • Explore out-of-the-box integrations: The Things Stack provides integration templates with well-known cloud platforms and the most popular gateways in the LoRaWAN ecosystem.
  • Discover Packet Broker: start using the open, global platform for exchanging LoRaWAN traffic across networks, increasing coverage and capacity.
  • Migrate your LoRaWAN project to The Things Stack: learn how to migrate your devices, gateways and applications to the latest LoRaWAN network server before the end of the year.

Don’t miss The Things Stack Conference to boost your LoRaWAN development, meet the industry leaders and join community go-togethers.

Get your tickets today and keep an eye on our website to find the latest information.