Become an Ambassador for a Gateway, Device or App

Fokke Zandbergen

The Things Network User

Posted on 31-10-2016

Ambassador-class starship

In case you're wondering how that rendering of a space ship is related to this article; it's an Ambassador-class starship from the Star Trek series 😉 Now we might not see The Things Network coverage on Narendra III soon, but we do call upon your help to become a The Things Network Ambassador for a IoT galaxy near or far!

Our first Ambassador: Jac Kersing

Take for Jac Kersing for example. He wrote an installer and corresponding Labs story to configure MultiTech's Conduits for The Things Network and helped numerous people on Slack to extend the coverage of The Things Network in their area. We recently helped him migrate his guide to the official documentation where he now maintains it and continues to provide community support.

Recognizing your effort

To recognize Jacs efforts, the guide now clearly lists him as the Ambassador:


Become an Ambassador!

We already have other ambassadors working on guides for devices like the LoPy, mDot and Espruino as well as the Kerink and Lorrier LR2 gateway. If you'd like to help add support for another device, gateway or application integration (like we have Node-RED) and become an ambassador, drop me a line!

What it means to be an Ambassador

We're building the ambassador program as we go, but it all begins with owning the guide and (helping) maintain required scripts/libraries. We'll make you'll be clearly recognizable as the official ambassador. We might even create a cool badge to add to your LinkedIn profile!

We don't expect you to take on full support on Slack and the forum, but you probably do want to keep an eye on it to learn how the guide and code can be improved.

We'd also welcome an occasional blog post about big updates or tips & tricks specific for your device, gateway or application. Lastly, we plan to offer reimbursement if you speak about The Things Network on relevant events.

I'm looking forward to hear from you!