Contributing is about more than code

Fokke Zandbergen

The Things Network User

Posted on 05-10-2016

Open Source is at the very heart of The Things Network, literally. You can fork the software that powers our community network, run it yourself and contribute improvements. We're working on further decentralizing the micro services it consists off so that you can even mix and match, e.g. run your own handler to decrypt and publish messages.


Recently, we started an official documentation site and this as well is fully open source. So even if Go is not your thing or you rather focus on using than building The Things Network, you too can contribute. If you see a typo or thought of a better way to explain something, we'd love to accept your pull request. The content is all in Markdown and you can simply edit directly on GitHub - no nerdy CLI and git kungfu required. If you do like to make more extensive changes or maybe tweak the design, it is very easy to run the site locally.



Another area where you can contribute without code is by helping out others on Slack and the forum. The forum is also where we frequently ask for you input on new ideas and improvements. We value your opinion and we know for a fact that people really appreciate a helping hand as well.

A note on the CLA agreement

We recently automated signing a simple CLA agreement before we can accept your first contribution. We do this to settle copyright issues to make sure that your contributions don't limit our open source commitment. Standard stuff, made easy.

Let's build this thing together!

We look forward to welcome you as contributor, in any way.