Learn about the future of LoRaWAN® and how to scale IoT with The Things Stack at The Things Conference Spring Global on 5 May

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Posted on 05-04-2022

Attend The Things Conference Spring Global on 5 May 2022 and get the prognosis for the LoRaWAN market and IoT industry digest for the next year. Join The Things Industries and 1000+ community members to be the first to learn the forecasted trends of the LoRaWAN technology and projects.

The Things Conference Spring Global sets the agenda for LoRaWAN development in the next year. Get an update on the industry current state and prospects of LoRaWAN. The conference will cover following topics:

  • What is the current state of the market and where is it heading

  • Latest device developments

  • Successful use cases that we will see more in Internet of Things in the next years

  • How to successfully scale your IoT project with a strong business case

  • The Things Industries update: where we are and what’s coming

Why join The Things Conference Spring Global?

Join now to get insights that will help you take leadership in your local market, learn about the latest products and approaches to LoRaWAN deployment, and identify the industry needs that have not been addressed before. The Things Conference Spring Global is intended for anyone who is ready to set their LoRaWAN blueprint.

The 4-hour event will take place online on 5 May, focused on the US time zone: CST 10am, EST 11am, PST 8am, CET 5pm.

Strengthen your position in the LoRaWAN market. Join The Things Conference Spring Global

This event is part of The Things Conference Series leading up to the main event about LoRaWAN: The Things Conference 2022 on 22-23 September. Check out the other events that are coming up this year:

Your The Things Conference 2022 ticket includes access to all of these events.

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