Member - Community of the Week - Dec'16 - B

Rishabh Chauhan

Global Community Manager

Posted on 23-12-2016

Member of the week

This time the member of the week award goes to Richard Wenner from Cardiff who has been super active ever since. After getting a good momentum in the local area, he has been working on creating resources for the global community too. Most of you would have been familiar with his voice during the video tutorials and the simplicity with which he explains everything. Congratulations Richard :)


Community of the week

One of the first community in the United States to become official, Ithaca was initated back in May earlier this year and has got an extremely dedicated bunch of contributors. Led by Terry Moore, also the initiator of New York, they have got over 3 live gateways and a significant coverage in the area. Congrats everyone! enjoy the festive week ahead and looking forward to seeing more such activities in 2017 🎉


If you know someone you would like to nominate feel free to drop an email.