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Flying the flags of 'free' and 'open source' community driven technological test-beds for use by individuals, academic institutions and businesses in Cardiff.

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LoRa Field Strength Measurements

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SNR, RSSI, Noise Floor and ...

Snippet explaining RSSI SNR and Margin

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0dBm does not mean no signal!

dBm Sorted!

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Thing Classes

Thing Classes

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Spreading Factor

Spreading Factor

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LoRa - What the chirp?

LoRa Chirp

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Backhaul Link Calculator

Free online GUI link loss calculator

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Avoid logs

I began playing with grapical graphs and decided that log scales didn't really promote LPWAN effectively. Neither did overlaying usecases such as ...

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TTN Using the BBC MicroBit

Quickstart guide to connecting a BBC Microbit to TTN and confirming the connection.

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Beyond Arwain?

Today's agenda for an IoT & digital "commons"?

Have we really been here before?

Arwain has been mentioned:

Inspired by (London) and...

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2 Feb 2017 | IoT conference...

IoT Conference just announced.
- Programme pending.
- A leading policy forum re Gvt, industry, regulatory, citizen-consumer stakeholders etc

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Testing begins

Our first node is now built and connected. Field tests begin.

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Why Arwain?

Cardiff leads the UK with innovation, creativity and dynamic engineering as proven by our previous efforts in delivering free Wi-Fi to the city and...

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