Lolin D32 Pro group buy (sorta)


The Things Network User

Posted on 16-06-2018

Hello TTN Cardiff, it's not LoRa but I am planning on buying a parcel of these MCUs

I'm just wondering if anyone else here is interested in getting one or more of these boards before I place the order? The end cost will be around £8.50 per board. They can be programmed with Arduino or Micropython and are great for WiFi projects. I've used the Lolin32 and Lolin32 Lite which are the predecessors to this model and they were pretty good.

Fair warning, these aren't great for beginners, they take more in depth setup than an Arduino. The chip that makes the magic, the ESP32 is just over a year old and there are still parts of the firmware that need fixing or completing. However, the price is excellent, you get a powerful dual core microcontroller with built in radio, it is already great for WiFi applications and hopefully Bluetooth/BLE in the near future. This board has on-board LiPo battery charging, and a micro-SD interface, so great for data logging.

Send me a message on here if you are interested, I will be ordering in a couple of days.