New LoRa world record: 1336 km / 830 mi

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Posted on 07-09-2023

The long term LoRaWAN® distance world record of 832 km / 517 mi has been broken. The new record now stands at 1336 km / 830 miles.

After 3 years, the new world record was set by installing LoRaWAN trackers on a fishing boat Estrela de Sesimbra and on its buoys on the Sesimbra coast, Portugal. The tracker was able to make contact with a gateway in the Canarian Islands. Three messages have been received by the “cablpa-pitilleros” gateway connected to The Things Stack Community Edition.

Check out this experiment in the mapper

Nuno Cruz reports that the trackers were installed by the team of the Custodian project which is lead by Solvit and includes FIT/ISEL (where Nuno Cruz is a researcher), AirCentre DOCAPESCA, LOTAÇOR, NTNU, UAVISION and TERINOV. The project is funded by EEAGRANTS Blue Growth Programme.

The remarkable point of this record is that it is achieved at sea level. Reaching extended distances with LoRaWAN at sea level eliminates potential variables introduced by varying altitudes, providing a standardized and objective measure of the technology's capabilities. We do have to note that this is an exceptional achievement. The majority of The Things Stack-operated devices range between 25 and 100 meters (75-300 feet) from the gateway.

The tracker used to achieve this record is STMicroelectronics STEVAL-STRKT01.

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