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Posted on 16-04-2021

The Things Certification is aimed for LoRaWAN experts and enthusiasts that would like to challenge their knowledge and become certified specialists in the industry. It helps to demonstrate your understanding of the LoRaWAN specification, configuration, and implementation.

Being able to validate your LoRaWAN knowledge will enable you to be portrayed as a certified expert. This will help you to build trust among your clients and partners, and raise the viability of your projects.

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The Things Certified Fundamentals

Take an entry-level assessment for LoRaWAN with The Things Certified Fundamentals exam. It is designed for everyone who wants to formally confirm their LoRaWAN skills and fundamental knowledge.

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The Things Certified Advanced

If you are more experienced in LoRaWAN, demonstrate your know-how with The Things Certified Advanced exam. Test your knowledge of LoRaWAN specification, scalable LoRaWAN solution design, implementation of LoRaWAN coverage, and communication efficiency optimization. It also challenges your understanding of the difference between LoRaWAN 1.0 and 1.1.

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The Things Certified Security

Validate your knowledge of LoRaWAN security with The Things Certified Security exam. It allows you to demonstrate your understanding of how to conduct a security evaluation of a LoRaWAN deployment, and incorporate security measures in end-devices, including encryption methods, session keys and more.

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The Things Certified Network Management

For highly advanced LoRaWAN professionals that would like to demonstrate their know-how of LoRaWAN networks, radio coverage design, and gateway installation, The Things Certified Network Management is the way to go. It covers all aspects of LoRaWAN coverage to the core.

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After you familiarize yourself with learning materials, The Things Certifications take approximately 15 minutes each to complete.

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